Spring Musical: Lucky Stiff

The Highland Park Spring Musical: Luck Stiff is taking place this month. There are over 50 students involved in this year’s production. Lucky Stiff is a musical comedy that’s appropriate for all ages. I did some interviews with some of this year’s participants in order to gain more knowledge of it. Here are the questions and responses:

What is the Spring Musical?
Soren: Lucky Stiff.
Max: It’s called Lucky Stiff.

Who’s the director/ teacher?
Soren: Steven Houtz.
Max: Steven Houtz. Kate Mendenhall.

How is the spring musical different from being in a regular school play?
Soren: It’s full of dancing and singing, as well as acting.
Max: More commitment. It’s a lot harder since you get to collaborate with musicians and a lot of other people.

How do handle mistakes during performances?
Soren: I cry myself to sleep and binge watch Gossip Girl.
Max: If you forget you part you can call out for line. Stop and correct yourself. You just Improvise.

How often and for how long do you practice?
Soren: Every day after school until 4:30.
Max: Everyday 2:15-4:30 and this week we did 2:15-8:00.

Do you perform in public/ outside of school?
Soren: Yeah, in community theater but it doesn’t really count.
Max: I do solo singing. It’s been long since I did community theater.

What advice would you give to beginners that might be nervous?
Soren: Don’t worry about it. You have a lot of fun.
Max: Being nervous is good. It shows that you care.

Anything else you would like for us to know?
Soren: Come to the musical and support Highland theater! We need your money!
Max: Come see the show.

Lucky Stiff is being performed April 21st-April 23rd at 7:00pm in the Highland Park Senior High auditorium. Tickets are $6 for students and seniors and $8 for adults.

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