Jamba Juice frenzy

image taken from the “Mothers of Multiples” website

It’s finally here Highland!

On Thursday, April 14th, we had workers from Jamba Juice come to our school and sell a few of their popular drinks: Mango, Strawberry, and Mixed Berry. Jamba Juice sold their smoothies during first lunch. This is the first time this year that Highland has had any type of promotion from an actual food company.

After sitting down in the lunch room, we noticed that a lot of students had enjoyed the fact that there was an exciting addition to their normal everyday lunch routine. The smoothies were almost as popular as the school’s Italian Dunkers. Most of the students that we saw had a liking to both Mixed Berry and Mango.

Before I (Angel) decided to buy myself a Jamba Juice I asked a fellow student, who was working the booth, to see if it was worth buying it and he said, “It’s really what your tastebuds like.”

When talking to students, there was a mix of emotions. Some liked it while others did not. While some thought it was flavorless and tastes like powder, others thought it was fruity and good.

Even though the drinks were great, there were two problems that arose during this test run. First, they ran out of drinks during first lunch, meaning that second lunch didn’t get a chance to try these drinks. Second, students were informed that Highland would only be selling Jamba Juice here once a month, instead of every week as originally announced.

Even with the glitches, everyone is looking forward to the next time Jamba Juice makes their return and hopes they don’t run out!


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