Speech Sections

On Wednesday, March 16th, Highland Park’s Speech Team competed in their sectionals at Eagan High school. Each school sends representatives, and Ramona White was Highland’s representative in Poetry.  She was the only person from Highland to final, which means she made it to the top seven, however she only placed fourth which means she didn’t make it to State. Only the top three finalists in each category go to state. White placed in finals last year in the Poetry category as well. There are twelve other categories in speech, some of which include: duo, drama, humorous, discussion, and creative expression. 

The Speech Team also has other school events, for example, at the end of the season they come into English classrooms showcasing the piece they have performed for the whole season. Before sections, there are almost weekly tournaments on Saturdays at different high schools.

Kaylee Voigt, a freshman at Highland Park Senior High, talked about her experience in this speech season. “I think that for me speech was about confidence and being able to put myself out there. Like for most people speaking in front of an audience was scary but after a while I didn’t care. Even though it’s a little scary getting up and talking in front of a group of people it helped a lot.”

Speech has a category for almost everyone’s interests – and there may be something for you. The Speech Sections were a great opportunity for everyone to be proud of the hard work they had done with their pieces over the past year.


photo taken from Kaylee Voigt’s Twitter

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