~b778142I am a junior at Highland Park Senior High School and I have something to say about the school’s busing. Why is it that I don’t have access to a school bus for transportation to and from school when my friend that lives roughly 5 minutes away from me has access to a bus?

One day I took the school bus to her house from school and noticed how close the bus route is to my house. That got me thinking, especially since there was only like 10 students on her bus. Given the location of my house, and available room on the bus, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to add another stop to the bus route.

The way I get to school is by getting dropped off by my mom, and I get home from school by taking the city bus. I don’t have to just take 1 bus, but 2, and riding the city bus is not free. I know the school sells bus cards, but who has $80 to buy a bus card?

My overall point of writing about this topic is to make it known that a few changes should be made to the busing routes to make it more convenient for students and their guardians to get to school.