SPPS school weather

~b975832On Tuesday, February 2 Saint Paul Public Schools did not cancel school.  There is no specific policy in place about closing schools due to snow as there is for cold weather days.

The district specifically states that if the temperature is projected to be -35 degrees, with windchill, school will be cancelled. This is very specific. The district snow policy states that if school buses cannot get through the streets, and it is extremely dangerous for the bus drivers to get to work, then school will be cancelled. This policy is more vague and can be left open to interpretation.

On the 2nd, there was at least 12 inches of snow that had fallen.

The Saint Paul Pubic School district has come close to canceling school this year, but has not yet done so. There was one day, specifically, that was -30 degree windchill, but the district decided that it was not cold enough and that kids needed to go to school.

I feel that it is crazy that it has to be a -35 degree windchill for school to be closed. I think that -20 or -25 is a more appropriate temperature.

When the district does not close school, and it is super cold, kids don’t want to come to school. Class sizes are impacted, and teachers then have to change their plans because half of their students don’t come to school. This ends up affecting overall student learning because there ends up being just a wasted day.





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