Basketball games

Every week there are either boy’s or girl’s home and away games for basketball. During home games for both teams cheerleaders cheer to support their peers and the school sport. Even though both teams have cheer support, there are still many differences between boys and girls basketball teams. We want to look at how we can make them equal.

Some of differences between the boys and girls are that more people go to the boy’s games than the girl’s games. A way we can change this is by promoting the girls basketball games more by making signs around the school, and getting people to talk about it on social media.

Another difference between the games is how the concession stands are only open at the boy’s games and not girl’s games. An easy way we can solve this is by opening the concession stand up for both girl’s and boy’s games.

Also, when the boys go against rivals like Central, the cheerleaders decorate boy’s varsity team lockers, so to make this fair when girls play against Central they should get the same treatment of getting their lockers decorated too.

Overall, we just want for both the teams to be treated equal and to be taken as seriously as the other.