Flint water crisis in Michigan

images-2There has been an uprising from Flint residents about the water that is contaminated. This is a problem that started all the way back in March of 2013 when the Flint City Council agreed to stop buying Detroit water and start a new pipeline with the Karegnondi Water Authority Project. This pipeline would bring Flint water directly from the Flint River. This would save them approximately 18 million dollars over several years.

In April 2013 the pipeline was officially changed. High levels of lead have plagued Flint’s municipal water supply for at least a year, prompting extensive emergency measures to keep residents safe.

imagesThe Flint Residents started to notice the water tasted weird and looked unfamiliar, and started to complain that the water did not seem suitable to consume. Studies showed that the lead piping being used, elevated lead levels 10 times higher than they had previously measured.

The governor’s office has said that they have “requested funding to switch the source back to the Great Lakes Water Authority,” in order to combat the lead leaching. They have also “appointed an independent task force to identify possible missteps and areas for improvement.”

It is going to take much more then changing the water source back to the Detroit water source to fix Flint’s problems though. The pipes are very damaged and need to be replaced, but the cost of replacing the pipes city wide could total 1.5 billion dollars.

Flint residents are very concerned for their children, and not having clean water. Residents are very outraged about the fact that they are basically paying for poisoned water, and the health of their children because of their consumption of lead laced water. The effects of drinking lead water is irreversible,and it is easier for children to be affected by the lead.

This whole incident has been a big catastrophe for the town of Flint, making the city go into an emergency state of crisis.

Former Flint resident, Michael Moore’s website: http://michaelmoore.com/10FactsOnFlint/ has a lot to say about the crisis. There is much more then lead in Flint’s water. The number of cases in Flint of Legionnaires Disease has increased tenfold since the switch to the river water. Doctors are finding that a half-dozen other toxins are being found in the blood of Flint residents. This is very frighting to the doctors as there might be other health catastrophes that may soon come to light.

These side effects affect much more then just peoples’ health. The residents of Flint can’t sell their homes because under the current conditions nobody would buy a house in Flint. This also does not take into account the damage to pipes in their homes. Home owners in Flint are now stuck with homes that are not worth anything. That’s a total home value of $2.4 billion down the economic drain.




SPPS school weather

~b975832On Tuesday, February 2 Saint Paul Public Schools did not cancel school.  There is no specific policy in place about closing schools due to snow as there is for cold weather days.

The district specifically states that if the temperature is projected to be -35 degrees, with windchill, school will be cancelled. This is very specific. The district snow policy states that if school buses cannot get through the streets, and it is extremely dangerous for the bus drivers to get to work, then school will be cancelled. This policy is more vague and can be left open to interpretation.

On the 2nd, there was at least 12 inches of snow that had fallen.

The Saint Paul Pubic School district has come close to canceling school this year, but has not yet done so. There was one day, specifically, that was -30 degree windchill, but the district decided that it was not cold enough and that kids needed to go to school.

I feel that it is crazy that it has to be a -35 degree windchill for school to be closed. I think that -20 or -25 is a more appropriate temperature.

When the district does not close school, and it is super cold, kids don’t want to come to school. Class sizes are impacted, and teachers then have to change their plans because half of their students don’t come to school. This ends up affecting overall student learning because there ends up being just a wasted day.





Basketball games

Every week there are either boy’s or girl’s home and away games for basketball. During home games for both teams cheerleaders cheer to support their peers and the school sport. Even though both teams have cheer support, there are still many differences between boys and girls basketball teams. We want to look at how we can make them equal.

Some of differences between the boys and girls are that more people go to the boy’s games than the girl’s games. A way we can change this is by promoting the girls basketball games more by making signs around the school, and getting people to talk about it on social media.

Another difference between the games is how the concession stands are only open at the boy’s games and not girl’s games. An easy way we can solve this is by opening the concession stand up for both girl’s and boy’s games.

Also, when the boys go against rivals like Central, the cheerleaders decorate boy’s varsity team lockers, so to make this fair when girls play against Central they should get the same treatment of getting their lockers decorated too.

Overall, we just want for both the teams to be treated equal and to be taken as seriously as the other.