Wondering where to travel over break? There are lots of fun places that you and your family can go. The four places I picked to write about in this article are places that could be fun for the whole family. The reason why I focused on family friendly destinations was that I wanted to find vacations that would appeal to more than one age group.

The four places I ended up picking were: the Bahamas, Hawaii, Long Beach, CA, and London.

I looked at air plane tickets for these four destinations. There is a range of prices starting at $385 all the the way up to $2167. Specifically:



California – Long Beach -$385-$520


You could have a grate time at any of these places. There are lots of fun thing to do wherever you go.

For example, in the Bahamas you can swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Encounters and lay on the beach or go shopping at the Bahamas Craft shop or go site seeing.

In Hawaii there are so many thing to do. You can go for a hike at Maunawili Falls Trail, or go shopping at the Premium Outlet Mall. You could also spend your time hanging out on the beach, or you could swim with dolphins at Dolphin Quest, or you could check out the animals at the Honolulu Zoo.

7vQAajAqzuETfWt7VZ_2Nj9paKryxY-qDu6ppMqTShWBH8Kog9NmIISnAMhmC2XyHc0KNgXC7WO1_rg6SMGYv8Ox4479mPbAuGa5o6zsXobJ2R_dSAZgA0Ut6tw0bmbWMEL1cAIXIn Long Beach, CA  you can lay on the beach or go to Point Vicente. Another place to go is the Aquarium of the Pacific. One last place you could go is The Pike, which is a touristy international bazaar.




In London you can go see the London Eye or go see Buckingham Palace. Big Ben or the London Zoo are also great places to visit.



All of these places would be cool to visit and explore.

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