Krampus movie review

~b377751The movie Krampus was inspired by an old legend that started to become popular again, a few decades ago, about an evil demon who some say is almost as old as St. Nicholas. Krampus has his own holiday on December 5th, that is celebrated in some European countries where teenage guys make homemade Krampus costumes, and run around the streets chasing people.

The movie Krampus was directed by Michael Dougher. The movie is about a dysfunctional family drama that causes young Max (played by Emjay Anthony) to lose hope in the Christmas spirit and accidentally summon Krampus. Krampus then goes off tormenting the family, teaching Max a lesson, and making the audience remember about the Christmas spirit.

I would give this movie an overall 9 out of 10 star rating because the acting was really good, and the story was entertaining. Towards the end, the story line is not the clearest, especially if you go to the bathroom, so you do need to pay a lot of attention.

Anyway, this movie is a great choice for people that like horror and comedy.

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