Shocking facts about racism in America today

~b722243If you ever wondered what you would do or what side you would be on during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s, just realize that you are living in a similar time right now. The Charleston shooting, which happened a few months ago, where a gunman killed nine people during a church service, was the deadliest hate crime committed against black people in the past 75 years. It seems like every week brings a new tragedy connected to race.

Social media has helped to spread awareness to racial injustice, with videos showing police assaulting black students in school, protestors being abused by militarized police, and many other shocking reports that make us think; is this really America today? The riots in the past couple years started in Ferguson, with the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18 year old; then in Baltimore with the death of Freddie Gray, who died of a spinal cord injury while in police custody; and now the riots are in our own backyards in Minneapolis with the death of Jamar Clark on November 14.

Clark was shot and killed, although it’s under investigation whether he was handcuffed when he was shot. A witness who saw the incident said that, “The young man was just laying there, he was not resisting arrest.” On the other hand, the Minneapolis police department claims that he tried to take hold of another policeman’s firearm.

Black Lives Matter protesters staged a demonstration on Interstate-94, and more than 50 people were arrested before highways opened. While it may not be clear what happened in this situation until the public gets to view the video footage of the incident, it is clear that these protesters are standing up against the oppression black people face every day, and that they are finally starting to receive the attention and awareness they deserve.

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Pepsi Vs. Coke

Coke? Pepsi? Which one taste better?

My fellow writer and I decided that it would be interesting to do a soda taste test, and to see which soda tastes better. We made a poster that had both sodas on one side of the poster.

Once the HPHS students entered lunch, we had them come over and try both drinks and after they tasted it, they tallied which drink they liked best. The amount of soda we gave the students to taste was about a Dixie cup worth.FullSizeRender

With the data we collected it shows that people like Coke better than Pepsi. For some students, they said that they like Pepsi because it had a sweet taste, while others said they liked Coke because it had a really fizzy taste. Some people disliked Coke because it had a bland taste, which stayed in their throat.

Overall, 41 people liked Pepsi and 56 liked Coca Cola. So, with that information, we see that Coca Cola is the favored soda of HPSH.

Movie review

~b697020I recently saw the new movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 at the Theatres at Mall of America with my sisters.

When I was watching the movie it was a little slow in parts but other wise it was a pretty interesting film.

The movie was about how Katniss is leading the rebels to the Capitol aiming to kill President Snow. The Gamemakers have rigged the entire city with lethal traps to make sport of their deaths, making it the most dangerous Hunger Games so far.

Not going to spoil the ending here.

On a scale from 1-10 I give it an 8.5 because it was kind of dull but I liked all the previous Hunger Games movies, and overall it’s a good film.

I recommend this film to people who liked the previous Hunger Games movies and books.

Electives at Highland Park

Electives are an important part of the school day because they help students learn and focus in school. Many surveys have shown that electives give students a break from the standard core classes throughout the day, which actually allows them to concentrate easier in their remaining classes. Not to mention that electives are some students’ favorite part of their day because it allows them to make connections from their education to the outside world.

Here is a list of all the electives offered at Highland Park:

  • Beginning Dance~b510150
  • IB Dance
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Jewelry
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • IB Art & Design
  • PLTW Architecture and Civil Eng
  • AVID
  • Intro to Agriculture
  • Natural Resources
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Small Animal Care
  • Horticulture
  • Floral Design
  • 3D Modeling and Programming
  • Programming, Game Design & Internet Security
  • Engineering Design
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • IB Computer Science
  • Percussion~b812786
  • Piano
  • Music Tech
  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • World Music Appreciation
  • Mixed Choir
  • Women’s Choir
  • Gymnastics
  • Strength & Fitness
  • Racquet Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Health
  • IB World Geography
  • World Languages; Chinese, French, and Spanish

Some factors that decide what electives are offered include budget, popularity, and availability of teachers. This year due to budget cuts, some electives in the art and performing arts category are no longer offered. This includes Intro to Theater Arts, Acting, Technical Theater, and IB Theatre. Also, last year Highland lost an agriculture/industrial technology teacher, who was never replaced. This means the electives he taught, like Home & Auto Care, along with Construction & Design are no longer offered.

Although some electives were lost, there are a few new ones this year including yearbook, journalism/newspaper, and study hall. Many students chose to take a study hall instead of an elective, which is why we asked them, “If you could see one new elective here at Highland, what would it be?” This is how junior, Anna Chirhart responded; “I would like an art class that is not focused on one element because I prefer a variety of subjects.” When asked, “What seems to be the most popular elective requested by students?” Mrs. Esso, a school counselor, replied, “Students at Highland are very well rounded so there isn’t one elective that stands out too much compared to others, but I would say engineering is the most popular.”