Sharks vs. Selfies

It sounds like a joke, but unfortunately it isn’t: The deaths are a tragic reminder to travelers that focusing on their phone screens instead of paying attention to potentially dangerous surroundings. The BBC reported that a Japanese tourist reportedly died of a heart attack after falling down a staircase at the Taj Mahal’s Royal Gate while attempting to take a selfie. Another man recently shot himself while posing for a selfie, and in 2014, a couple fell off a cliff while trying to snap a picture of themselves. It got to the point where Russia had so many people being injured or killed while taking selfies, that the Russian police published a guide on how to take selfies without killing yourself.

A trend in selfie deaths was noticed, and it was found by the website ‘Mashable’ that more people died while trying to take a selfie this year than were killed by sharks. In 2015, 12 people died while attempting to take a selfie and eight people died from shark attacks. This is a scary fact because being afraid of sharks is a very common and widespread fear, but the reality is that being distracted by something as everyday as a phone is more of threat to us in this technologically advanced age. The bottom line is that your life is more important than some daredevil selfie in front of a train to post on Instagram.