Getting to know our SCSU student teachers

By: Maeve Gimpl

Ms. Allie Meyer, studying social studies education

As many of you already know, Highland has welcomed two student teachers from Saint Cloud State University. They stand alongside our current teachers here at HP to further engage in their final steps of learning before finally becoming educators themselves. I was able to spend a little time with Mr. Johnson and Ms. Meyer last week to ask them what a normal day for them would look like, as well as how they’re liking it so far.

To start off their regular morning, both student teachers get up bright and early to head to Highland for a long day of work. Ms. Meyer can be found teaching U.S. government with Mr. Zeitchick during the day, while Mr. Johnson heads up to Ms. Rise’s room to help teach geography. Both student teachers were telling me how much they enjoy working with not only their designated teachers but with the students as well!

For Ms. Meyer, this wasn’t her first time student teaching at a school; in fact, she’s on her fourth and final school that she has to teach at before she can finally become a teacher! I asked Ms. Meyer what her first day here at Highland was like. “I LOVED it,” she immediately replied. She proceeded to tell me that her favorite part of teaching so far has been interacting with the students–”and having them make fun of me,” she added with a laugh. When I asked her if she had a least favorite part of teaching, she said she didn’t have one! “I’m right where I’m supposed to be…I’m lovin’ life at HP!”

Mr. Kyle Johnson, studying social studies education with an emphasis on history

Mr. Johnson, just like Ms. Meyer, also said that his favorite part of teaching has been being able to interact with all the people at Highland. “I’ve had a lot of fun meeting the students and getting to know them,” Mr. Johnson admits. “It makes my day to be able to hang out with kids who are fun and have really good things to say!” He also told me that he has enjoyed his time with Ms. Rise both inside and outside of school, adding that they’ve even gone canoeing together on Lake Calhoun. Besides student teaching, Mr. Johnson loves biking, video games, and fantasy football.

It was great being able to get to know Ms. Meyer and Mr. Johnson this past week. One response really stuck out for me. When I asked both of them what their dream job would be, if they knew they could be successful in any career that they pursued, they both responded with confidence, “high school teacher.” This really shows how passionate and excited they are to continue their last bit of student teaching so that they can finally become teachers themselves!

Ms. Meyer conducting some one on one instruction about the Constitutional Convention