Student editorial: Highland Student Council (STUCO) elections

917d34b8eb6e90866f55eb687a7566ad_biggerRecently, the Highland Park Student Council held elections for positions on the 2014-2015 school year executive board. The election results for the executive board were as follows:


  • Mimi Mejia (’15) – President
  • Maddy Costello (’15) – Vice President
  • James Farnsworth (’16) – Director of Communications
  • Ryan Ross (’16) – Treasurer
  • Tate Bosler (’15) – Logistics
  • Zenobia Aferworki (’15) – Director of Merchandise

These positions were determined by a vote from members of the Student Council full house. Last fall, full house members presented speeches to an audience of STUCO advisors, school administration, and members of this year’s executive board, and were elected by an executive board vote.

This year’s election has brought to mind the lack of transparency in the election process, both for full house members and for executive members such as the President. The student council itself is not entirely at fault. Because of the inconvenience in interrupting class time for voting, individual students have little say in these crucial elections, despite the fact that the student council representatives are supposed to represent all of Highland Park.

As student council works to become more integrated into the student body, the lack of student voice in the election of the executive board and full house is going to have to be addressed. According to an anonymous person affiliated with Student Council , “I feel that students should be able to pick their representation in student council. As a student council and a body that is representing the students, all students that go to the school should be able to vote on who is serving on it, especially on the executive committee.”

Questions were also raised as to the legitimacy of the elections after the addition of executive board positions that were included after voting, and not included in the initial list of roles. The anonymous source continued: “I also feel that the executive board had pretty straight-forward positions, so why did they create new positions just because individuals lost an election?”

Student Council is a organization that does many great things for the Highland community and is a strong asset to the school, however us students would like more of a say on who represents us and who has a voice in planning important events, representing student interests, and sharing ideas on how to improve Highland.

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