!Fantasy fitness: Revolutionizing Highland cross country

bveM6Qcj_bigger!Fantasy Fitness was a website/platform created by current Highland junior Tate Bosler back in the summer of 2012. Brad Moening, a staff member at Highland, created the overall concept years prior. Tate took the next step to bring it onto the web. It’s an aerobic training/exercise game played each summer by the Highland Cross Country team, as well as alumni of the team, coaches, parents, and a group of Highland staff members.  About 80 people played last year, the second season of the game. The game lasts 10 weeks – 70 days – from the last week of school to the first day of practice (the team’s summer training season).

During the game athletes try to score as many points as possible. Athletes score points by performing aerobic exercise – running, biking, swimming, rollerskiing, and hiking all count for different amounts of points. They then go to the game’s website, ifantasyfitness.com, to post their records. Records get posted onto a leaderboard (http://www.ifantasyfitness.com/leaderboard/?season=2014&disp=a) that is publicly viewable.  You win if you score the most points, run the most miles, or if you are on the team with the most points. All players are drafted onto teams, led by upperclassmen, at the start of the game – this year’s Draft is Wednesday, May 28 right after school. It will take place in room 3303. Cross country runners and participants need to register by Wednesday, May 28 at noon. The official competition dates are June 2 to August 10 2014.

Using his skills in web development, Bosler created a platform that will continue to have an impact not only on the Highland Cross Country team but other sports teams at Highland for years to come. “I developed the original version (in 2012) from scratch. I am maintaining it year after year but this is my last year running it. Coach Moening will take over mid-summer and into next year.”

For more information on !FF, visit the website for find it on Twitter:
Twitter: @ifantasyfitness