Siren tour guide

By: Mae Skold

Siren, Wisconsin is a small town in northern Wisconsin, perfect for cabin stays and outdoor activities. The small town has a small population of 800 where everybody knows everybody. The town full of friendly Wisconsinites should not be overlooked for its size and they would love for you to stop by. Here’s what you should do!

Wisconsin is known for its lakes, so stopping by Siren’s Crooked Lake is a must. The lake has a fun park with live music, a nice beach, a playground, and good people. Children can safely swim and enjoy the water while adults can relax at the nice shoreline. There are lively fish that are a joy to feed and fish for. In the summer, Crooked Lake is a great place to visit.

If you’re more of an in-door person, Siren has many great stores and restaurants to stop into. One town favorite is the candy store Chipmunks Cheeks. The cute candy store has great ice cream, boba, and of course candy. Not only do they have sweet treats, but they also have fun toys and a kitchen supply store on the other side of the building. Another great place to visit is the coffee shop Chattering Squirrel. Chattering Squirrel and Chipmunks Cheeks are owned by the same family so you can be guaranteed great service every time. The coffee shop is perfect for a refreshing drink or a lunch in a cool, new renovated setting.

One of the busiest days of the year in Siren is the 4th of July. This day is a must for when you are planning when to visit the town. The town hosts a fun parade in the morning with floats, bands, and candy for the kids. After the parade, the lakes are bustling with boaters and families enjoying the water. If you are deciding when to visit, the 4th of July won’t disappoint.

This summer, I hope you consider keeping Siren on your list for a day trip or cabin vacation spot. When you decide to visit Siren we’ll be there to welcome you!

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