Highland Park wrestling team

By: Irene Cohen

Image taken from the HPSH Wrestling Instagram page: hp.wrestling

Today I am interviewing Gabe Wright, senior captain of the wrestling team. Gabe has been on the wrestling team for 6 years, and for the entirety of those years he has always been an exceptional athlete. Today he will be updating us on how the HPSH wrestling team has been doing in this 2022-2023 season.

Interviewer: So Gabe, how are you doing today?

Gabe: I am doing so swell and peachy today, thank you for asking!

Interviewer: Wonderful! Can you tell us how this season has been going in general so far?

Gabe: It’s been very good, on an individual and team level.

Interviewer: And how many teammates do you have this year?

Gabe: Around 30 of us show up to practice consistently.

Interviewer: How have the meets been going against other schools so far?

Gabe: Very good; our record has us set to be the conference champs this season.

Interviewer: And how is the team morale doing because of that?

Gabe: Very high; we’re all very proud of ourselves and motivated to work even harder.

Interviewer: How often do you have these practices?

Gabe: We usually do about 5-6 practices per week; we train different areas throughout the practice.

Interviewer: It sounds like the wrestling team is thriving this year, I’m glad your senior season is going so well!

Gabe: So am I, thank you for having me!

So, there you have it folks. Another Highland Park team absolutely thriving this season.

Note: This interview was conducted before the conference final, and Gabe was right, they did win the conference.

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