‘The Good Doctor’

By: Leticia Bugg-Sam

Image taken from: https://www.imdb.com/title/

‘The Good Doctor’ is about a surgeon who struggles with autism and savant syndrome, and being a doctor with autism and savant syndrome can risk a patient or themselves to feel scared and confused on what’s going on. Most of the patients on the TV show didn’t trust having a person with autism to do a surgery on them because they’re afraid that he will start breaking apart and freak out and he will end up doing something wrong and something dangerous that could end up with the patient in danger or even death. The people on the show didn’t believe that there’s a person with autism that’s smart with medical knowledge. They all thought that he was dumb and weird and that he wouldn’t be responsible enough to even be a surgeon.

The first season of the show started off with him getting a job at the hospital to become a surgeon. Nobody knew that this person could be a doctor because he was running late and they already all knew that he has autism so they all thought that he was dumb to be a surgeon. The only reason they knew about him was because the person who runs the whole entire hospital introduced him to the people who were already working there, like the managers and the more experienced doctors that knew more about the surgeries.

But this isn’t just about the doctor Shaun Murphy, it’s also about other surgeons trying to get the position they want throughout the season. Lots of training surgeons get let go by the way they act, or by someone who already took their place.

Also, the stories about the doctor with autism, and the other surgeons, aren’t just about them trying to become doctors, they’re also about what they go through in life away from all the surgeon stuff. Some of their lives are bad, they either had a good past or a bad past, and some of them were really sad. I felt bad for the surgeons who had to go through all that the did at such a young age.

I would give ‘The Good Doctor’ a 4/5 because it’s very entertaining to watch them perform surgeries. You can watch ‘The Good Doctor’ on Hulu.

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