‘A Plague Tale Requiem’ review 

By: Semaj Carter

‘A Plague Tale Requiem’ is a horror fantasy game about a girl named Amicia and her brother Hugo set in the 14th century. As you can guess, this game is based on the Black Plague. The game opens up to Hugo and Amicia running away from Lucas, the alchemist of the group, because they are playing king vs the sorcerer. You start playing in the tutorial by playing hide and seek with Lucas; that’s how they teach you the basics of stealth in the game and how it works.

After the tutorial, Lucas leaves to go back to Amicia and Hugo’s mother, who is also an alchemist. In my opinion, I think the mom is the worst character in the game because she acts like she doesn’t care that much about Hugo, and when she does, she favors him over Amicia. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, in the first game, Amicia didn’t know much about her brother at all, he was basically isolated away from everyone including her, except for her mom and dad, who didn’t really pay attention to her.

This game is really depressing, so if you actually pay attention to the story, which I normally don’t do, be prepared and grab some tissues. 

Now let’s talk about Amicia and her overprotectiveness towards Hugo and Lucas, but mostly Hugo. Understandably, Amicia is, according to the prophecy, a protector to the Macula A.K.A. Hugo. If you don’t know what the Macula is, and no, I’m not talking about the thing in your eye, it’s a mysterious, ancient curse that runs in the bloodlines of certain families. It plagues the de Rune family, and in particular has awoken in Hugo de Rune’s blood.

Nearing the end of the game, Hugo and Amicia sail on to sea with their friend Sophia, and eventually reach an island where they suspect the pond that can save Hugo is present.

Overall, I thought the game was really sad, and I was upset with the ending. I still would give it a 10/10 because it was the first game that made me cry, and I was really invested in it. You can get ‘A Plague Tale Requiem’ for the PS5 and XBOX.

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