By: Jhari Boayla

As a freshman sometimes I feel like things can be tough and people are also going to be a lot more tough on you, especially since it’s your first year attending and experiencing high school. And it’s understandable that that’s how your parents and your teachers are because it’s showing how much they care about you and how much they want you to succeed in the future.

When I first came to Highland with all the students and everything, I felt like it was completely different; there were more students and different faces. I also felt like it was much more different for me because it was more different than middle school. There was more space around the building and I felt like and it would be very confusing for me to find places. I would have to walk around the building a few times just to find where I needed to get to.

One thing that I really didn’t like about orientation was that they weren’t really any help to me because when I got to school the first day, I still didn’t know where I was going. We we rushed through the building and didn’t really get the chance to find where our classes would be.

One thing that I like about the high school though, is that it is different, not a bad or good different, but different than in the middle. I was very scared at first to be coming into high school because I was very scared of growing up and I felt like I was growing up too fast.

I also thought that I wouldn’t like meeting some new people and I was very scared that people weren’t going to like me, especially the older kids.

But, other than that, so far everything has been going okay and well.

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