Why do students’ mental health improve over the summer

By: Mila Hart

After a long school year of stressing over grades, cold and dark winter weather, and little to no time to relax, summer is the perfect antidote to not so great metal health. After talking with several students from Highland Park Senior High I can confidently say that the majority of students’ mental health improves over the summer.

One reason for this could be that everyone’s taking in more vitamin D from the sun over the summer (I have a vitamin D deficiency so I can speak on it). Because we are getting more vitamin D our energy levels rise and it just generally makes us feel happier.

This also means that in the cold dark winter months, we aren’t absorbing as much vitamin D, and this can negatively affect us in a few different ways. Many people in colder areas can end up developing vitamin D deficiency in the winter. Vitamin D deficiency can cause you to feel fatigued, muscle weakness, and you can experience symptoms of depression. This also means that anyone with seasonal depression are definitely in their happier months of the year over the summer.

Another reason that students’ mental health may greatly improve over the summer is because they don’t have to stress out about school anymore for the next three months. There are many different reasons why students may be stressed during the school year, some of them being: homework, tests, projects, clubs, and athletics.

Every Highland Park student I talked to agreed that they basically don’t feel any stress at all over the summer compared to during the school year. Stress can very negatively impact your mental health. If you have so much stress to the point where it is overwhelming, and it’s been going on for a while, you can potentially develop anxiety, depression, and sleep problems.

Students’ health also improves over the summer because they have more time to do the things that they enjoy the most. Whether it’s doing athletic activities, playing video games, or hanging out with friends, there is significantly more time for students to enjoy these things over the summer.

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