How music can affect your mood

By: Christina Cyrus

Listening to music enhances your mood, it can help you concentrate, meditate, relax, etc. Listening to music is something everyone does whether it’s sad, happy, uplifting, or energetic, everyone listens to music. Although listening to music can affect your mood, that might be a surprise to some people but researchers at the University of Missouri found that listening to music can help an individual succeed to be happier, especially when the genre is happy.

During the first study by Ferguson (UofM), participants successfully improved their mood due to the boost of happiness they got from listening to music.

Music can also affect your mental health, it releases mood enhancing chemicals in the brain that can be considered a “natural antidepressant”, it causes our brain to produce chemicals like dopamine and serotonin which evokes feelings of joy.

Also, when talking about music clinically you’re talking about music therapy. Music can help your psychological cognitive or communication needs to help better your mental health.

Music can give strength to cope with problems, which you may have noticed. It can help you cope in a healthy way without harming your mental state.

Another thing is that music could cause aggression. Sometimes music can have a negative impact on people’s mental health. For example, hard rock and heavy metal may all lead to aggression, but with the aggression comes with releasing negative emotion. In other words, listening to this type of music can help you get some adrenaline released, which is good if done productively.

Overall, I feel like listening to music can help me focus sometimes because it helps me focus and keeps me focused for a long period of time. It does sometimes cause me to get distracted, which leads me to get off track, but overall, I think listening to music can honestly help you get more work done especially if you have no distractions.

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