Hippie culture in the 1960’s

By: Julia Swee

As the 50’s came to an end and the 60’s rolled around, a new subculture had begun to emerge known as the ‘hippies’. According to Britannica: Hippies were usually consistently white, middle class, 20 something year olds, who were considered the ‘baby boom’ generation.

There were multiple factors that contributed to the formation of the hippie culture. One of the main factors was the Vietnam war. The war had begun in 1955, and had immediately sparked frustration among the common youth. As the fighting continued, more and more opposition from the youth became apparent, and out of these feelings towards the war came a culture. 

The youth had felt alienated by the upper class society, and considered them to be dominated by materialism and repression. As the culture grew more and more, so called hippies began to formulate their own lifestyle. They experimented with communal living arrangements, often living with multiple other youths with the same beliefs. This formed communities of hippies who all shared the same ideologies. These communities often adapted vegetarian lifestyles based on unprocessed foods, choosing what they consumed very wisely. 

Within the culture, there was a practice of holistic medicine. This meant that when observing someone to determine their diagnosis, the whole body was taken into account. To the hippies, the whole body consisted of not just the body itself, but the mind, the emotions, and the environment, rather than just one isolated organ. The practice was meant to incorporate a wide range of health practices, focusing especially on the responsibility of self healing and self care. The community had begun to not only form their own way of life, but advanced ways of healing. 

Thinking back on the culture, when hearing the word ‘hippie’ most people’s minds travel to the unique style of the group. They were known for favoring bright, psychedelic colors and long hair. The style could be deemed as ‘unconventional’ by some, as much of the clothing incorporated very different styles than were commonly seen throughout the 60’s. As the hippie culture formulated their own style, many others began to feel inspired, allowing the culture to grow rapidly. 

Today, hippies are a motif of the 60’s. They remind us of the impact that everyday people can have on everyday life when they come together. Hippies have shown us that community is a wonderful thing that can benefit us in many different ways. 

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