‘Bachelorette’ season finals

Michelle’s season has come to an end, and so ended the story of the second Bachelorette of color.

The first person to have a date was Brandon. He met Michelle’s parents, and they instantly loved Brandon. They discussed his willingness to relocate to Minnesota and his ability to work remotely.

Nayte was up next. He met her parents and sister. Her family was not impressed with Nayte; he was struggling to communicate including his willingness to commit.

After each of the bachelor’s dates they each got a date with Michelle one last time.

Brandon and Michelle went jet skiing. Later in the day, he gave Michelle his favorite sweatshirt.

The next day Nayte and Michelle went on a date and their date was focused on sharing feelings. During their date, she pushed him to share his feelings and by the end of the date he shared those feelings. This comforted Michelle.

When their date was over, they each returned to their room. Michelle got a note from Brandon which included the lines: “A world without you is a world I fear to face,” “The kind of love where I will always place your happiness above mine,” and “I will love you forever.”

The next day each of the men went out to choose a ring for Michelle. Now it’s proposal time.

Brandon steps out to join Michelle on the beach first, and since he went first he’s going to get rejected. He gave a long speech to Michelle, but Michelle said, “My heart is pushing me in a different direction and I have to go with what I feel.” Brandon said he understood and he went home in tears.

Nayte was up and he vowed to never let Michelle go; he got down on one knee and proposed. Michelle said yes.

Personally, Nayte wasn’t my first choice. She should have gone with Brandon, as he seemed more open and communicative with feelings, whereas with Nayte, he seemed like a player and she had to push him to get him to share his feeling for her.

The proposal to her seemed forced; he seemed unsure of his decision to get down on one knee.

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