The Bachelorette recap

In this episode, Michelle meets the families of her final four; Nayte Olukoya, Joe Coleman, Brandon Jones, and Rodney Mathews. She first meets Brandon’s family. Before meeting his family, they went on a little date. After she met Brandon’s mom, dad, and brother, they were all supportive of Brandon and Michelle’s journey to find love. 

Up next was Rodney. They were nice to Michelle, they asked a few questions, and talked about life after the show.

Next was Joe. His sisters-in-law were a little tough on Michelle but they eventually came around at the end.

The final date was with Nayte. His family were not fans of how the show works; they had concerns about if they end up together how they would make the relationship work in the real world.

After she met all four men’s families, she gave her three roses to Nayte, Joe, and Brandon, which means Rodney went home.

The next episode was the “Men Tell All” episode where Michelle comes face to face with 15 of the men she sent packing. The first feud that we didn’t see at the end of the show was with Will and Peter. The two still had their feud going, and they ended up working it out on the stage. 

Up next was Martin who explained all the controversial things he said while on the show. He then got accused of having a girlfriend while he was on the show. After all that drama, the guys got a chance to see Michelle and get closure on why she had to send them home. 

At the end of the episode, they announced Clayton, who Michelle sent home right before hometowns, was the new bachelor. They also showed a preview of his upcoming season. 

Michelle’s journey to find love continued on December 14, after the dramatic “Men Tell All” episode, as she headed with her three remaining men to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The first date of the episode went to Brandon. They went horseback riding, and during the dinner portion of the date Brandon told Michelle that he loved her and Michelle told him that she was falling in love with him. Their date ended the next morning with breakfast in bed. 

The second date went to Joe. They went zip lining but Michelle made it clear that she still needed to learn about him. The next morning, Michelle told him that she could see a future with him.

The last date was with Nayte. The two went on a ride on a catamaran, and during their dinner date, Nayte told Michelle that he was certain about her and that he was falling in love with her. 

Later, Michelle sends Joe home.

Next up, is the three-hour season finale of ‘The Bachelorette’. Who will she choose to propose to her?

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