Bachelorette Recap

In Season 18, Episode 2, the day begins with Michelle waking up feeling great and ready to start her journey to find love. The first date is a group date with Brandon, Romeo, Rick, PJ, Will, Olumide, Casey, Danny, LT, and Peter. The theme of this date is a teacher theme.

On this date they have to answer math questions without a calculator and spell three-syllable words.

After that date, they all went to a party with Michelle. At the party, Peter got heated with Will for making fun of him for losing. At the end of the date, Brandon J. got the group rose.

The second group date involved Joe, Clayton, Rodney, Martin, Mollique, Chris S., Chris G., Pardeep, Nate, and Spencer on the basketball court. Joe shows off his moves and got invited to the after party even though his team lost, and he also got the group date rose.

The real drama began later in the episode when rumors started about whether or not Joe and Michelle dated before the show. So, Jamie decided to tell Michelle, this turned her into an emotional wreck because Jamie lied and told her everyone was talking about it all day and that some of the contestants were questioning her character.

She then confronted the guys about it, but no one knew what she was talking about so she canceled the cocktail party and skipped right to the rose ceremony. She sent home Alec, Daniel, Pardeep, and PJ. Jamie got to stay because Michelle had no idea that he lied to her, but looking at the next week promo, it looks like it might be his last.

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