How to train your dog!

By: Reagan Welch

To effectively train your dog you need to establish a two way relationship with them. Dogs see and comprehend the world differently than humans do, dogs begin with the nose, then the eyes, then the ears, whereas humans start with our ears, then our eyes, and then are noses.

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Knowing that information, use it to your advantage, commit it to the memory. When trying to communicate with your dog, start with scent, then eye contact, and then calmly speak. This will help build trust early on.

According to Cesar Millan, you want to be compassionate but in control of your dog. Have a calm-assertive personality, and you want your dog to be the follower, a calm submissive energy.

In order to achieve that, you always want to appear calm and in control. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive or angry. You just need to be in control, quietly and calmly, therefore it is easier for your dog to trust you.

To get your dog into a calm-submissive state, just sit them down and have them relax before starting anything. Then, before you start having them look at you, eventually they will be able to do this without any commands.

When correcting your dog’s behavior, it is your energy, your mind set, and the timing that are important rather than the method, as long as it is not abusive. Never resort to striking a dog. Simply a word, a sound, or a quick assertive touch should do the trick and snap your dog out of that behavior. Your job is just to redirect your dog’s attention back to you.

Doing this every time, on time, will help the dog understand what behaviors are unwanted and what behaviors are wanted.

Remember, discipline is not punishment, it is simply commitment. Discipline keeps humans on track and healthy, as it should for a dog too. It is simply there to help guide them and allow them to have a healthy relationship with you. As Cesar Millan says, “Discipline is survival, and without it, you are likely to become a source of negative energy.”

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The Weeknd boycotts the Grammys

By: Alexandra Rimbu

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The Weeknd has boycotted the Grammys after his snub. In a statement to the ‘New York Times’ this past Thursday, he publicly announced that he will no longer allow his label to submit his music to the awards show.

In response to the Weeknd’s statement, Harvey Mason Jr., the interim president of the Recording Academy, which oversees the Grammys, told the ‘New York Times’, “We’re all disappointed when anyone is upset. But I will say that we are constantly evolving. And this year, as in past years, we are going to take a hard look at how to improve our awards process, including the nomination review committees”.

It does not seem as though this will appease the singer, as his latest statement follows a series of comments he’s made against the awards show after he failed to receive a single Grammy nomination. The Weeknd himself, fans, and even the general public, highly anticipated recognition for the singer’s work after the release of his critically acclaimed album ‘After Hours’ this past year. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Following the Weeknd’s boycott, other artists have spoken on the issue, calling out the Recording Academy, the organization behind the Grammys, for what they say is a lack of transparency with voting and diversity among nominees.

The Recording Academy chooses the nominations for the ceremony. But since 1995, the final nominations in the “Big Four” categories — album of the year, song of the year, record of the year and best new artist — have been decided by a select committee, according to ‘‘. The outlet wrote in a 2020 article that the committee was created so the final nominations in those categories were “more progressive” and “more musically adventurous”.

But many artists do not think the Grammys’s system is as fair as it claims to be, insisting that favoritism, racism, and networking politics highly influence the voting process.

It seems we will have to wait and see if these artists’ opinions will inspire any change.