Diversity in the modeling world

By: Nora Doyle

Image taken from: The Lexington Line

Throughout time, modeling has been one of the biggest parts of pop culture. We look up to models. They define how we want to see ourselves. In our eyes, they’re perfect.

But how diverse is the modeling world? How often are different body types, skin colors, or disabilities portrayed in the modeling world?

Race seems to be a very important issue in the modeling industry. Many brands tend to only use predominately white models in their shows and ads. According to Cultursmag.com, some brands became aware of the problem that they created and have tried to fix it by doing an “all black” show, or catalog, but it only seemed to make the issue worse.

Chanel Iman, a model who is three-fourths African American, and one-fourth Korean, believes diversity is a major issue in her industry. She says these “all black shows” only segregates models of color more. “It doesn’t help us; it just puts us into a category,” she states.

Race isn’t the only issue in the modeling industry. When it comes to portraying different body types in their shows and ads, many brands fail to do so. According to the ‘Lexington Line’, society has always had a specific body type for runway models. The ideal models were slim, small waist, curves, long legs, and perfect skin. For example: Kendall Jenner. She has been considered an ideal model.

Recently though, the ‘Lexington Line’ said that there is no standard body type anymore. In 2017, brands like Gucci, Dior, and Christian Siriano had announced that they are no longer casting size zero models.

Modeling has been widened to big, small, tall, men, women, and everyone in between, and they are starting to be more included in the modeling world.

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