The deadly Capital riot and what this means for Trump

By: Grace Blumer-Lamotte

Image taken from:

On January 6th, 2021, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington. They were trying to overturn the 2020 election.

The 2020 election had results of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning for the term. It was a deadly riot because 5 died and dozens were injured: 4 rioters and 1 police officer.

Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died from getting hit in the head with a fire extinguisher thrown from a rioter.

The 4 rioters who died were Ashli Babbitt, Kevin Greeson, Rosanne Boyland, and Benjamin Phillips. Babbitt was an Air Force Veteran, and she died from being shot by a Capitol Police Officer. Greeson suffered from a heart attack and fell to the sidewalk. Boyland died from being crushed by fellow rioters. Phillips suffered a stroke and died.

You may be wondering if people are going to get charged. According to Durkin Richer, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C., which handles both local and federal cases in the district, had filed 17 cases in federal court and at least 40 others in the Superior Court by Saturday. The cases in Superior Court mainly have to do with things like curfew violations and gun crimes.

Did Donald Trump do anything to persuade the rioters? Trump encouraged the supporters to storm the Capitol and “fight” for what they demand, but according to Durkin Richer, the Federal Office cannot legally confirm that he “Illegally incited violence because he didn’t specifically call for people to storm the Capitol”. 

The U.S. House impeached Donald Trump for the second time for “Inciting Deadly Capitol Riot”. Trump was the first president to be impeached twice in 245 years. The night of the impeachment, Nancy Pelosi said that Trump was a threat to “Liberty, self-government and the rule of law”. 

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