The sprouting of a new beginning

By: David Meyer

This is one of many backyard gardens that were made during the pandemic. Image taken from:

Many schools across the country have had school gardens for a very long time. And with the COVID-19 pandemic that has happened recently, going into schools was not available to most students.

However, one of the few activities that has still been ongoing for many schools is participating in the school gardens. These gardens have been able to provide an outlet for a large number of students while the pandemic has been happening. It’s a way of them to get outside and be productive when many people feel trapped inside their houses all day with not much to do.

A by product of all of these gardens is fresh produce that can go to either the school, the students who help out, or even to food banks. These food banks are ever more in need of food for the people that depend on them, especially fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

Not only have people been participating in school gardens, but many have also made gardens of their own.

Since, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, the fresh produce had been limited, people have tried to find a way to get their own fresh fruits and vegetables. So, many home gardens have begun to appear. Not only is the food fresh, but it is almost guaranteed to be safe from COVID-19 because it is home-grown.

But, many families also kept on this trend, and many have started to take care of animals as well; for example, chickens in order to have fresh eggs. The sales of baby chicks that will end up producing eggs has skyrocketed, even as many as 10 times the amount before the pandemic are selling.

These, and other ways people are dealing with this pandemic positively, shows the resilience of many to make the best out of a bad situation.

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