Biden and Trump second debate cancelled

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Everyone can agree that the first presidential debate was a disaster. The moderator Chris Wallace spent half of the 90-minute begging president Trump to stop interrupting him and also to stop talking over his opponent Joe Biden and reminding him that he agreed to have answered the questions he was asked in two minutes.

After that disaster of a debate, the group that manages the debate put some new rules in order. Each candidate will be muted at the start of the debate, the candidates will have two minutes to answer the question they were asked, and during that two minutes the opposing candidate will be muted. After both Candidates have had their two minutes, both microphones will be muted so no one can interrupt the moderator while he or she asked the next questions.

With these new rules in place for the second presidential debate, the debate however was canceled. The debate was to take place in Miami, with both candidates taking questions from the audience

On October 2, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for Covid-19, putting the nation’s leadership into uncertainty.

The President, who down played the virus for months, said in a statement, “The end of the pandemic is in sight, we will quarantine in the White House for an unspecified period.”

Due to his illness, the debate was canceled. The next best thing to do was to hold a virtual debate but the President refused, saying in a interview with Fox News “I am not going to waste my time doing a virtual debate, sitting behind a computer, ridiculous,” calling it a joke.

The Biden team then proposed to continue with the October, 22 debate in Miami. The Trump team agreed, but hours later Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien then proposed to have another another debate on October 29, just five days before the election on November 3. The Biden team rejected that offer and said, ”Donald Trump doesn’t make the debate schedule; the Debate Commission does.”

“We have already agreed to three dates: 29 of September, 15 of October, and 22 of October. Donald Trump can show up to the October 22 debated or he can decline again. That’s his choice,” Kate Bedingfield, the campaign manager for Biden said.

Since the debate was canceled, Biden decided to hold his own primetime event on ABC answering questions from voters, and the President decided to hold a campaign rally.

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