Disney shills for the CCP

Image taken from: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-china-concentrationcamps-idUSKCN1S925K

By: Jalalisa Geleto

There has been a controversy over Disney’s ‘Mulan’ and now Disney is losing millions.

The controversy started a while back when the actress, Liu Yifei, came out in support for the CCP during the Hong Kong protest. It was also found that she was the daughter of a member of the CCP government.

To know why what I previously said, and what I’m going to say, is offensive to many people, you must know what the CCP really is.

The CCP took control of China in 1949 and installed a brutal authoritarian/communist government. This government killed over 100 million Chinese during its reign. They suppressed religion, destroyed human individuality, free speech, ability to give birth, ability to feed yourself, and many other atrocities. The Communist era of China has been horrible for its people.

Now, the Chinese government is capitalistic, but it’s still just as authoritarian. Many Chinese people don’t starve the way they used to, but they’re still just as oppressed.

During the communist era of the CCP there was a forced cultural revolution. Now, the present day CCP is trying to finish the Cultural Revolution in China. They are going to the edges of China and oppressing/depopulating the minority groups whose cultures survived the original Cultural Revolution.

This is happening with the Chinese Uighur. They are being raped, sterilized, killed, and tortured. Their religion is being stripped from them, and they are forced to do things they consider blasphemy. They are forced into giant camps to “re-educate” them (making them abandon who they are and become the perfect Han Chinese).

Now, let’s get back to the story.

In the credits of the movie, they thank propaganda departments in Xinjiang and the Public Security Bureau of Turpan, a Uighur-majority city in the region. This is the same department that claims that nothing is happening to the Uighurs, and it was all made up.

Not only that, but Disney filmed the movie literally a couple miles away from these camps. This sparked outrage in the West.

People are getting tired of major corporations doing anything for a spot in China. There are large portions of the country that are starting to believe these American companies are more Chinese than American at this point. Western values and businesses are all under CCP control in the eyes of many.

People are saying how can these companies “support” social justice causes here in America, but then grovel at the feet of one of the most oppressive and cruel governments of our time.

Now, I’ll leave you with this question. Should we sacrifice our Western values and art just to have access to the Chinese market?

Harm caused by gender reveal parties

Image taken from: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32965256536.html

Revealing the gender of your child is typically a joyous occasion for you and your partner. But the desire to make it unforgettable or over top has sometimes led to some shocking outcomes.

A soon to be grandmother named Pamela Kreimeyer, 66, was killed at her home when shrapnel struck her in her head. The homemade gender reveal shrapnel was filled with gunpowder; it exploded sending pieces of metal flying.

In Texas, another gender reveal party went wrong when a plane crashed carrying 350 gallons of pink water. The accident was caused because the plane was “too slow” and the plane was also designed to carry one person and that caused it to immediately stall.

A couple’s gender reveal video went viral when the parents were on the deck outside their house ready to launch their cannons. Just as the blue powder came out, the back of the cannon shot right back at the dad in his groin area.

The Kiliebert family used the family’s pet alligator, and a watermelon, for their reveal. When the alligator shut it’s jaw, the watermelon exploded revealing it was a boy. Even though no one was hurt, it placed people in harm’s way.

Demi Dickey who lived in Arizona shot a fire arm at a target that was supposed reveal the blue or pink powder, but instead the hit caused a fire that has damage 45,000 acres of land and has caused 8 million dollars in damages.

A new life is always a joyful thing to celebrate, but there is always a safer way to reveal the gender of a baby rather than to go over the top with planes, alligators, or using fire arms. Why not cut a cake with the gender of the baby inside the cake or use balloons to reveal your baby’s gender.

For more information on the harm gender reveal parties have caused please visit these sites: