Louisiana police use siren from ‘The Purge’ to signal quarantine

Image taken from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us_0aLWOa8E

The Purge siren goes out with an announcement.

Louisiana had to put a quarantine into place due to being one of the places with the fastest spread of the coronavirus. Curfew is 6am to 9pm, and violation can result in a citation. Employees going to and from work must have documentation from their employer.

The police used a siren to signal that curfew had begun and to stay inside. However, they were unaware that the siren was used in the 2013 movie The Purge. In the film, the siren announces the beginning of a twelve hour period where all crime is legal. I’m sure for people who knew about the movie, this would have been terrifying to hear, especially at night.

The police issued an apology, and stated that the siren would be not used again. After getting numerous complaints, they assured the public that it was not a prank set out by the department, and it was an honest mistake.

The Purge is an incredibly successful horror film franchise. It has spawned four films and a T.V. show. A fifth film was slated for a 2020 release, but production was most likely stopped due to the virus. In the series, all crime is legal for a 12 hour period once a year. Hearing this type of siren late at night must have been scary for some people, and luckily the police department was able to catch their mistake on the first night they used it.

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