Animation software review

RPG Maker MV is a game making software that allows you to make a game from a template that has already been set down for you. Inside the software there is some more software for making animations. These animations can range from attacking, healing, and cut-scenes, or maybe blending it all together.

I have been using this software for about three weeks now and it is great for people first learning to animate. Without actually knowing how to start, it shows you the frames for the different cells you are using, and you can color it at and add custom elevations from outside the software in case you don’t want to use some of the stuff that has been laid down for you already. 

Screenshot of different frames you can use for a single animation.

This app features scaling which makes it so you can make animations larger or smaller even if you have already completed the animation set.

This animation set also has tweening. This makes it so you can start with the first frame of the preset animation set up, and the last frame of a preset animation, and then you can use tween to fill in the gap‘s in between. This makes creating animation way faster.

Then there is opacity which can make how clear something appears to someone or how transparent it will come out. This is in case you want to have a nice animation and you want to not see the person behind, or in case you do want to see the person behind the animation, or maybe the animation is behind someone. 

Screenshot of tweening, scaling, etc.

Overall, this is a great start for animation for games. I would use it for many other things mainly because I haven’t had a chance to experience that part, and I don’t know what other easier softwares are out there.

The price is $90 for the software (you can get a free version that works just as well). If you’re really into making games, and you want to start somewhere, then for animations you can start with RPG Maker MV.

Obviously though, that’s a big price on the software, so is it worth it? Well yeah, it is because it did teach me a lot but there is more to it than animation software. There  is also the game aspect of it, the part where you put the animation into the game. You can make a game and that seems worth the money to me if you’re into it, and you’re going to use it, and not just sit on it.

You’re not gonna buy it once and use it once (otherwise just use the free version). Overall a fun experience. 5/5

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