Mr. Zeitchick’s Thrift Store

Mr. Zeitchick is a teacher at Highland Park Senior High. He teaches an elective called Current Events, another one called African American Studies, and a class called Sociology. He also teaches an all senior class called U.S. Government.

Mr. Zeitchick is also well known for formally being the head coach for both track & field and the football team.

Students speak highly of Mr. Zeitchick for his kindness and realistic thinking. He is a very relatable teacher and is always there for students for whatever support they may need. 

One of the many things Mr. Zeitchick has done for the Highland Park community is create a thrift store for the people of this community. It is a new up and running idea he has. He calls it “Mr. Zeitchick’s Thrift Store.” It consists of a collection of winter clothes that range from all sizes for anyone to try. 

The store started in the back room of Mr. Zeitchick’s classroom where it is an open area. He filled it with mainly winter coats to help students stay warm in Minnesota’s harsh winter weather. He emailed and asked teachers, faculty, and parents for donations. The clothes are 100% donated, and 100% free to students. With all the donations, the thrift store now holds a variety of winter coats, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, shoes, boots, scarves, and snow pants. With the growing amount of clothes, the store is now in his back room and outer walls of his classroom. 

I asked Mr. Zeitchick what the purpose of this store was and his response was, “We live in Minnesota and everybody deserves a winter coat.” He is exactly right. 

Mr. Zeitchick has many hopes for this non-profit thrift store. One simple goal of his is for people to get what they need from the store. He wishes that everyone who wants/needs something from the thrift store feels comfortable to get it. The store is open 8:30-4:30 for anyone and everyone. At this time, Mr. Zeitchick has shut down the thrift store for this season.

Mr. Zeitchick says he sees the store expanding beyond winter clothing and going through the whole year. He’s hopeful that students who care about the cause will step up and take over and help grow it.

Mr. Zeitchick wishes to make the store more well known to students. He has flyers all around the school to help make the store known. He encourages students to tell their friends about it and help spread the word. 

Another thing I asked Mr. Zeitchick was what are three words he would use to describe the thrift store. He said, “Community, Helpful, Rewording.” These words are the best way to describe this store. It brings the Highland Park community together to help a good cause. It is rewarding for both the receiver of the clothing and the one donating the clothing. Donating to Mr. Zeitchick’s store is a simple good deed that anyone can do.