How Instagram (and other social media sites) have an effect on high schoolers

High schoolers go through a lot. They have homework assignments due every day, quizzes, lab reports, tests, and they need to maintain a proper social life, all while getting enough sleep to last throughout the week.

One issue that arises with students in the 21st century is having a social media presence, mainly being on Instagram. Here are some ways that Instagram (and social media in general) have an effect on high schoolers.

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Students with social media grow up with less self esteem and more anxiety. Experts say that exposure to technology at a young age can affect the livelihoods of people. In today’s modern world, everyone uses technology now more than ever before, and that includes children and teenagers.

The overuse of social media sites, like Instagram, have been statistically proven to lower the self esteem and cause more anxiety with teenagers. People on social media tend to post their best moments in life, which can lead viewers to believe that their life is boring in comparison.

Recent studies show that teenagers’ social skills are lacking due to their overuse of social media. Because of the simplicity and ease it takes to talk to someone online, or over the phone, high schoolers have been spending less time hanging out with each other. This can cause teenagers to have weak social skills and trouble talking to people face-to-face.

Another way social media has an effect on high schoolers is cyber bullying. According to the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network, cyber bullying has been linked with a range of mental health effects. Cyber bullied teens are more likely to smoke, drink and do drugs, which are all proven to shorten life spans and cause addiction.

 Another study by the same organization reads 20% of cyber bullied victims have symptoms of depression and anger. The last thing a high schooler needs in their life is mental problems that can make a busy lifestyle even worse.

Instagram has a big impact on high schoolers and teenagers in general. This article isn’t saying you should stop using Instagram altogether, just be informed and aware with what you post and see online, and monitor the amount of time you spend on social media.

For more information, please visit:

Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network

The Child Mind Institute

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