Summer jobs

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Summer break is right around the corner, which for many teens means time to make money. Whether you’re saving up for college, spending it at the mall, or going to a concert, summer offers the plenty of freetime to make money. Here are a few ways you can do this:

Mow lawns. Since there is no longer snow on the ground, mowing lawns is the perfect opportunity to make easy cash. You can post an ad somewhere or go door to door to mow your neighbor’s lawns–just protect your information and stay safe.

Babysit. Babysitting or nannying offers flexible hours that fit your schedule. Sometimes it can make you just as much money as a part-time job. You can babysit children in your neighborhood or family friends as a way to start out.

Walk dogs. If you like dogs, this is the perfect one for you! You can set up a weekly or daily dog walking service and advertise it.

Clean houses. Plenty of people need someone to vacuum weekly or take out the trash. Offer a cleaning service with a set price, but only to people you know at first. It is important to stay safe when entering other people’s homes.

Declutter. You can sell things that you no longer need! Whether this be clothes or old games, you can sell them many ways. This could be through social media or at a physical garage sale.

Sell homemade goods. Maybe you have a hobby – such as baking or bracelet making. Whatever this may be, you can sell what you’ve made on social media platforms or from home. Just make sure to advertise.

Run errands. You can run errands for busy parents or older people, which is an easy way to make cash. This could be grocery shopping, filling up their car with gas, or picking up their favorite takeout.

Lifeguard. If you’re interested in becoming a lifeguard, or already are certified, you can lifeguard at your local pool or beach. Make sure that you have taken a lifeguarding class before applying for jobs.

Golf caddy. Apply to be a golf caddy at your nearest golf course. It’s a good way to make money, as well as meet new people. You can also receive tips for your hard work!

Garden or landscape. Offer to do challenging or boring landscaping tasks for people, such as weeding their garden or picking up sticks in their front yard. To get these jobs, make sure to advertise well, while still being safe about your contact information.

Included on this list there’s a few basic, and a few exciting, new tasks you could try to spice up your summer! From just running errands to trying gardening and landscaping, there’s a large variety of things you could do! This list certainly does not have all of them, so take this as inspiration and let your imagination run wild! Have an amazing summer everyone.

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