The Masters

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This year’s Masters was held on April 11th-14th. It was located at the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia. This year marked the 86th anniversary of the Masters, with the first tournament being held in 1934. Winning the Masters is a big deal. If you win you get invitations to the US Open, the Open Championship, the PGA Championship, the Masters, the Players Championship, and membership to the PGA Tour all for the next five years. There is also prize money which this year totaled to $11.5 million. Winners also receive the legendary green jacket.

This year’s champion was Tiger Woods. For those of you not familiar with golf, Tiger Woods might be the only golfer you know, and an obvious choice to win, but to anybody close with the sport, Tiger seemed anything but that.

In 2008 Tiger blew his knee out and has had multiple surgeries since.

In 2009 Tiger was chased out of the house by his wife for cheating and got into a car crash. After the accident Tiger dropped from his top 10 position in the World Golf Rankings to number 674. Tiger hadn’t won a major since, but had won two smaller tournaments in the months leading up to the Masters.

Entering the weekend there were still 9 players that had a possibility of winning, which is the most in Masters history. Τiger didn’t just luck into this win, he played incredibly well. On the 12th hole, when others found the water, Tiger found the green. On par 3s, Tiger played -4. On hole 16 Tiger sent a long drive extremely close to the hole and proceeded to two-putt it in to extend his lead. By the end of the 18th hole, Tiger’s score was -13 and there was a four-way tie for 2nd with a score of -12.

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