How some freshmen view their first year of high school

The year is coming to an end quickly; there are only a few months left until summer break. The year went by with many snow days and now it is finally Spring. Some people might now feel ready for the year to end, and others are just waiting for the months to go by.

With just a few months left, I decided to interview some freshmen on how they feel about their first year in high school. Here are some responses from freshmen students.

Freshman 1: Overall, I’m not a fan of high school, or this year in general. I don’t like it at all, it’s really hard and we get a lot of homework. With the homework and assignments, I went through a lot of work and stress this year. In general, I feel like I’m not fitting in at all. Other than that though, I really like the teachers here and I love the sports team.

Freshman 2: I feel like this year started out rough and hard, but once I got used to it, I kind of adapted to the environment. With assignments that are due earlier, you just start doing them earlier to make it to the due date. I got to meet a lot of people this year, I made many new friends and joined different clubs. I also got to meet other people of different grades, which is nice. I really like how the year was challenging for me, I feel like it’s pushing me to be a better and more organized person. I feel like I’m improving a lot and advancing as I’m learning new things.

Freshman 3: There’s really not that much I can say about this year, but it’s good and I like it a lot. I really like the clubs and sports that we have here, I also like the people here, they’re all really friendly.

Freshman 4: Overall, the year has been pretty good, I feel like we were given a lot of assignments but after all those assignments, it’s pretty fun. Nothing in general really stood out to me, but I really like the people I hang out with.

Freshman 5: I came in thinking that I could do many things. I thought it was gonna be easy but it was challenging. I took all advanced classes, and I thought I would do good, but it went just okay for me. It’s really not that you would expect.

These students all had similar and different points of view on their first year of high school. Hopefully, their next years of high school will get better for them, and they keep on challenging themselves.

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