Katelyn Ohashi – The perfect 10 gymnast

Image taken from: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6044989/Gymnast-Katelyn-Ohashi-reveals-elite-gymnastics-left-broken-emotional-video.html

Katelyn Ohashi is used to performing under pressure. But she admits that the level of attention she has received recently has felt “really different.”
The 21-year-old gymnast took the internet by storm after a video of her “perfect 10” floor routine went viral.

While her routine was perfect, her tumbling passes were stunningly challenging, and one of them had such a high degree of difficulty that her team “had to resubmit it because it wasn’t in the code of points” for the judges, the 21-year-old said on Good Morning America.

Her coach at UCLA, Valorie Kondos Field, added about the pass, “It’s ridiculously hard. I don’t know another female gymnast in the country that does it — in the world that does it.”

It was the fourth time in her career she received perfect 10 in the event, and she finished the 2018 season ranked No. 1 in the country in floor exercise and was the NCAA floor exercise co-champion, according to UCLA.

The clip of Katelyn perfectly executing seemingly gravity-defying flips and sassy dance moves has been viewed more than 60 million times, and made headlines around the world.

But what is it like to be at the centre of this whirlwind? “The whole experience has been totally crazy,” Katelyn told the BBC. “My phone just blew up when the video went out. It’s just totally hectic. She hopes to still be able to “fly under the radar” sometimes, and jokes she “feels horrible for actual famous people. This is their actual lives!”

When asked who she was most excited about having seen her performance, Katelyn immediately said, “Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec!” Her choice of Jean-Ralphio, a character played by actor Ben Schwartz on hit TV show Parks and Recreation, hints at one part of her personality. Many online have called her “full of joy,” having an “infectious passion” and “so fun.”

Katelyn is keenly aware that it is these traits, along with her undeniable technical ability, that makes her performance so compelling. “My coach, Ms. Val, always reminds me that when people watch me they need to have fun. “That’s why I’ve been really touched by people saying things like ‘this is the sort of positivity we need right now.’ It’s a nice change.”

Lunar tetrad

Image taken from: https://earthsky.org/human-world/what-is-a-blood-moon-lunar-eclipses-2014-2015

On January 20 and 21, a full moon, Wolf Moon, Supermoon, and a total lunar eclipse took place.

In 2019, there will be 3 solar eclipses and 2 lunar eclipses. On January 20, the first full moon and first lunar eclipse happened.  The lunar eclipse is being called a Blood Moon because the sun Earth and moon line up and the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow making it a reddish color. A NASA scientist said, “The exact color that the moon appears depends on the amount of dust and clouds in the atmosphere” so it can appear more red depending what’s in the atmosphere.

During the Blood Moon, a meteorite hit the moon. It was very unexpected but according to Space.com that’s how the moon gets it craters. 

There are 3 types of lunar eclipses, total, partial, and penumbral. The first lunar eclipse of the year was a total lunar eclipse meaning Earth’s shadow completely covered the moon. A Blood Moon will usually happen  twice every three years. However, it depends on the  number of total lunar eclipses during a year. 

The Wolf Moon was named by some Native American tribes after wolves would howl loudly outside their villages, but this year’s Wolf Moon was also a Supermoon. A Supermoon is a full moon that is at the moon’s closest point to Earth.

There will be 6 eclipses in 2019, depending on where you live. There was a solar eclipse on January 5, and a lunar eclipse on January 20.  There will be a solar eclipse on July 2, and December 26. There’ll be a lunar eclipse on July 16. On November 11, there will be a transit of Mercury, meaning Mercury will directly pass between the Sun and another planet, and Mercury will appear as a black dot moving across the Sun.

The egg

Kylie Jenner posted the first photo of her daughter, Stormi, and it became the most liked Instagram post with 18 million likes.

Image taken from: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/instagram-egg-kylie-jenner-likes-popular-how-beat-social-media-photo-image-a8727181.html

But then came a challenge. An unknown Instagram user made an account called “world_record_egg” and posted one picture of an egg. Why? To make it the most liked Instagram post.

And it did. At 50 million likes now, the egg has beat Kylie Jenner by a lot.

She retaliated with a video of herself cracking an egg on the pavement with the caption “Take that little egg.” It’s nice that she’s a good sport about it all.

Many people have commented on how crazy it is that this can happen, and what a time to be alive. It’s safe to say that memes have taken a good spot in the internet, and often influence our lives in small ways like this.

The egg has taken a firm spot in Instagram history, and however crazy it may be, at least everyone had fun with it.