Nordic Ski team

image courtesy of Coach Moening

Highland Park’s Nordic Ski team has been skiiing for a few weeks now. They started practice in early November, and are still going, with a few days of shoveling in between.

The Nordic Ski team consists of 90 skiers in total, including both boys and girls from both the middle school and high school. There are different rosters for boys and girls which can be found on the Minnesota State High School League for Nordic Skiiing. There are many coaches such as: Abby Boruff, Matt McKinney, Sophia Risatau (HP grad, 2011), Jaclyne Theirs Jandro (former HP teacher), and Brad Moening.

The season this year is said to be going well, and very successful. The Junior Varsity team is doing very well, beating most Varsity teams in their conference. The Varsity teams are both ranked in the top 10 State, and are undefeated during this season. In one of their competitions, both the boys and girls won the Loppet Invitational, which is the biggest invite in the metro.

This season is going very well for the team, including a conference championship win! The season isn’t over yet so let’s wish them the best of luck and look for another successful season next year!


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