“Help Wanted”- How teens are not being able to get a job

During the school year, teenagers love to be busy, whether it’s with sports, activities, or a job. People who don’t like to be involved in school all the time tend to pick up a job so that they are occupied while earning money. A job comes in handy during high school because it’s a way to earn pocket money and save for college, but for some reason, a certain group of people tend to be more unemployed then the rest.

With tons of help wanted signs up, and teens ready to start a job, what’s the problem? It’s a weird thought, because according to the Minnesota Employment and Economic Development, as of November 2017, 10.6% of teenagers are unemployed. They believe that this has to do with the minimum wage increase to $9.50. The Minnesota Employment and Economic Development website says that this percentage is due to employers being more skeptical when hiring new teenage workers. The good part about this, is that the minimum wage has increased the teen participation in the labor force.

When you think about it, our employment system is flawed for teens. If all jobs expect previous experience, how do they have the opportunity to get started. Nowadays, it’s hard to find jobs that require little to no previous experience. This leaves teens, who are new to the idea of employment, unemployed.

There are also experienced adults who are left with part time jobs that are normally occupied by teens. If these adults can’t find jobs in their designated area, they are left with the part time jobs. This is considered involuntary part time.

Even though you might not have a job, there are easier ways to earn money. You could cut a neighbor’s lawn, walk a dog, or even do chores. Getting hired is a hard process and may take a while until you hear something back, but do not give up.

For more information, please go to: https://mn.gov/deed/data/current-econ-highlights/alternative-unemployment.jsp