The girls swimming team

The coaches of the girls swimming team is Shmranda and Derek. They have swim meets weekly, and the varsity swimmers are in lanes 1, 2, and 3. The junior varsity swimmers are in lanes 4, 5, and 6. There are about 30-35 swimmers and 7 divers. The goal of the swimmers at practice is to reach 4-5 thousand yards.

At the swim meets, the girls are always cheerful, and they cheer: when there is only one girl in the pool, if they are on the other team, and to wish each other good luck. Even if one of the teams lose, they will be cheerful and respectful to the other team.

The swim team works really hard, and the coaches work with them to get better with whatever they need help with. The meets are really competitive, and there are areas where parents can sit with their family and watch their family member or friend compete. There is a scoreboard to see what place each person is in, which lane, and how long they have been swimming.

The team cheers when they are on their way to the meet, and they also sing songs when they are done and are heading back to school after a meet. The team cares about each other; they are like a family. They have respect for each other and they take on actions to help another person out.

The coaches tell the swimmers what they need to improve on and how they can do it. The swimmers have workout day; that’s when the swimmers have to work outside of the pool. The workouts consists of push ups and other regular workout routines. The junior varsity team does smaller things than the varsity. The varsity group goes to the weight room and does exercises. They warm up before they get to competing.

Transition from summer to school

The hardest part of Summer is when it comes to an end. That transition you have to make to get ready for a new school year must be hard for a lot of people. Having to start changing your sleep schedule is a struggle, because you know you got used to sleeping late at night, and waking up late in the afternoon. Having to be excited to see your friends you haven’t seen all summer but that slowly starts to fade into sadness when assignments get thrown at you left to right, and all you want do is zone out during the school day and come home only wanting to complain about how much you dislike school. But hey, who hasn’t? After awhile you get used to it, you may not like it, but after doing it for so many weeks you look at it like eh, whatever.

Students need to be assured that it’s acceptable to be nervous going into a new school year, not expecting your classes to be that hard is something most students expect the first weeks of school. Not having the same classes or lunch as your friends could be hard on some students. And they might end up thinking that the fun part of school is not possible anymore.

But we are here to give you some tips on how to make the beginning of a school year go nice and smoothly.

  • First get your sleeping schedule in check. Start by sleeping early the last week of summer. To get you used to it.
  • Second if your friends are not in the same class as you, make some new friends, we know it’ll be hard but hey, at least you tried and you might make a couple new friends.
  • Last, but not least, make sure you have fun with the new school year, don’t stress yourself too much; you don’t want to do that for the 10 months you’re in school (that would be no fun).

Hope these tips will help you feel more at “home” this school year!