Trump vs. Streep

The Golden Globe Awards is a ceremony where the most esteemed actors and actresses are recognized for their work. This year Meryl Streep, a well known actress, was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award. While stepping onto the stage and quieting the crowd, Streep had a few things to say to our soon to be president, Donald Trump. She spoke of the comment Trump made when he imitated a mentally disabled reporter, and how she felt it was absolutely unacceptable. Although Streep’s speech wasn’t the longest ever given, many of the other people attending the ceremony were nearly in tears or gazing in awe.

When she went up to give her speech many things happened: she started out by saying how thankful she was for the award, she then moved on to name many actors, and actresses, then she listed where they were from, and explained that if we take out all the foreigners from Hollywood then we wouldn’t have anything entertaining, art filled, or even meaningful.

Streep then went on to say how we have let someone who is insensitive, and not speaking for the greater good, into our most cherished and honored seat of our country. She talked about how having our president elect making fun of disabled people makes Americans feel ashamed and hurt.

Meryl Streep was standing up for America, and then got dragged under the bus by that very same president elect for exercising her first amendment rights.

When he heard what Streep had to say about him, our president elect, Donald Trump, went to Twitter to share his opinions on the actress. He went on to call her a “Hillary flunky who lost big,” as well as “overrated.”

The Internet was enraged by his comments, with many pointing out how unprofessional it was. An international hashtag regarding the feud was started: #ThingsTrumpThinksAreOverrated. Many disagreed with his statement and went to Twitter to share their opinions. The tag was filled with tweets agreeing with Streep’s statement against Trump’s controversial and hateful comments.

Even though Streep had her supporters, there were still many people who agreed with Trump and defended the comments he made. For example, Tomi Lahren, an online video host for TheBlaze had multiple comments for Streep. Lahren called the people at the ceremony an “Overrated collection of liberals” and “Out of touch with the rest of America.” Many others along with Lahren sided with Trump and began to bash Streep.

Whatever your views are, we hope we can all get along under the new president.

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