Four Seasons field trip

Students at Highland Park Senior High (HPSH) were given a chance to spend the day with Four Seasons Elementary 4th graders on January 6th, 2017. Students that went on the field trip were from the school’s Newspaper and AVID classes.

When the students arrived at Four Seasons, they were instructed to put their belongings on the back wall of the gym. Every student was given a name tag and a button to show they were students from HPSH. The students were there to be “helpers” to the youth group leaders that were in charge for the day.

After checking in with everyone, the youth group leaders came and had the students stand in a circle. There were three leaders: Sebastian, Vanessa, and Sesay. While two of the leaders were setting up, the third taught the students what to do when the 4th graders arrived in the gym.

When the 4th graders arrived, the high school students paired up and went to choose a number for their small group. My partner and I chose number “4.” Every 4th grader with a number “4” by their name tag was in our small group. We met up near one of the walls of the gym and sat in a circle.

In our small group, we had around eight 4th graders. We went around the circle introducing ourselves. After that, we were ordered to follow the instructions on the back of the sheet of paper we were given. We talked about what were some of the bad things that happen at school. We listed them all. The one that came up the most was “spreading rumors around the school.” We then talked about ways to end these bad behaviors in school.

Soon after, everyone gathered up again and to play a few games with the leaders and other groups. The games played were: Ships Ahoy, Train Dance, and many more. After playing the games, we had story time. Sebastian told us stories about when he was faced with bullying and when he saw people being bullied. The stories were great and full of lessons.

After a while, we were sent back to our small groups and then talked some more. Lunch time came after the small group talk. We had to sit by our small groups for lunch. After lunch, we played a game kind of like Charades. Our group tried, but we only got 8 points.

Once the games were over, after lunch, everyone went back to the front and listened to the youth leaders. Everyone got up and we danced and danced, and at around 1:15, it was time to leave. The trip was fun; everyone seemed to enjoy the retreat.

Every 4th grader had a great time with us (hopefully). The kids really enjoyed the leaders, though some seemed to like them more than others.

Hopefully, we will get the chance to go go back next year to help with the students and upcoming retreats.

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