Stocking stuffers for teens 2016

As your teenager gets older, their interests may tend to differ from yours. Shopping is harder because you don’t know what to get them, or you might have a tight budget, or you don’t know if they will like it, and maybe you aren’t sure if what you want to get them is “in.” This article is a guide to small gifts (perfect for stockings) that are popular to the current teenage generation.


Earphone/earbuds are a perfect gift, with technology, electronics, and music being at a societal high. The cost varies, however, the most efficient brands seem to be Sony or Apple.

Gums and Mints

A common essential for teens in school are gums and mints. Some claim it helps them focus, others just enjoy being able to pop something flavorful in their mouth throughout the day. It is a common stocking stuffer and is inexpensive as well.

Junk Food

Teens love junk food. Chips have been around for years and have maintained their status as one of the most popular types of junk food. Along with that, candy, pop, and sugary treats like doughnuts are consumed with great pleasure.

Caribou and Starbucks Gift Cards

Sleepy, hardworking high school students love to indulge in coffee drinks, whether or not they have much coffee actually in them. Specifically, Caribou and Starbucks are the more popular chains people go to.

Gas Gift Cards

If you have a teen, they are probably driving or will be soon. This is a resourceful way to give your kid money for gas in order to secure they will use it on gas.


Socks are a good way to go. Providing warmth and style, they are convenient to receive in the winter. Elites would be a good gift for the sporty type of teen. Another popular alternative is fuzzy socks.


Chapsticks are the perfect stocking stuffer. It is an essential that everyone loses before it’s gone. This is the perfect opportunity to help your teens stock up.


A good stuffer to ensure your kid/s stay moisturized throughout the winter is lotion.

Video Games

Video games are perfect for gamers who always want the newest games released.


Gifting an ornament is a good gift for your teen who will soon move on to live in their own place with their own tree.

Nail Polish

An inexpensive gift for someone who loves being creative with their nails and making them their own personalized accessory is nail polish.

Phone Case

A new way to accessorize is alternating your phone case and/or having more than one. This is a good gift for both genders. A good way to find a nice variety of cases to choose from is to go to a phone accessory kiosk located in most malls.

Keychain Lanyards

More of a practical gift, keychains are a good organization tool for teens with keys for their houses, cars, etc. You even have the option of buying one or making a lanyard on your own.


Another practical gift, to help organize money and cards, is a wallet. No more money falling out of pockets accidentally.

Compact Mirror

A compact mirror is a useful tool when on the go to check and make sure your appearance is up to par, or to re-apply any makeup you may have on. Directed traditionally towards females.

Face Wash/Creams

Teens = Hormones! Acne is highly common among teens who are growing into adults. Help them maintain hygiene by getting them something to wash their face with or additional help from acne creams, etc.

TV Show/Movie DVDs

Entertainment plays a major role in mainstream teen society. If your kid has shown interest in a tv show or any movies, buying it is a good gift idea so they can have a permanent copy to watch at their leisure.

Mini Tool Kit

A mini tool kit is a good gift for older teens who will soon have to fix things on their own when in college and later on in life. This is a good starter kit, providing the essentials to make minor repairs.


If you smell good, you feel good. Gifting your teen with a nice scent can help them step up their charm and give them character. Once people are older they tend to be defined by their “scent” usually provided by their perfume/cologne of choice. This gift would be the start of that.



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