Fun things to do this winter

So many people each year stay inside during the winter. Turns out that it can be very unhealthy for you. Getting outside, especially in the winter, will help you so much in the long run. Being indoors all day everyday in the winter can cut off your healthy bacteria and make you sick while we are already so far into cold and flu season. So why not get out, find some stuff to do, and have fun!

Sledding Hills:

There are so many places you could go sledding this winter near Highland Park. There is of course the Highland Park water towers, and also the recreation center which is also connected to the library. Also some other hills near Highland Park is the Meriam Park and Baker Park hills both are very steep. If you don’t see the hill closest to you try this website:

Highland Park Community Center

1978 Ford Pkwy. Saint Paul, MN 55116

Highland Park (behind water tower)

1400 Highland Pkwy. Saint Paul, MN 55116

Baker Park

209 W. Page St. Saint Paul, MN 55107

Merriam Park Recreation Center

2000 St. Anthony Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55104

Ice Skating:

A very popular activity for the winter in Minnesota is ice skating, as we are the famous state of hockey. There are many places you can go ice skating, or play some games of hockey, or just boot skate on a rink all around the Saint Paul area. The biggest rink, and most popular outdoor rink, is the Wells Fargo Winterskate. That takes place downtown Saint Paul in front of the Landmark Center. There are many other rinks outdoor as well. The closest outdoor rink to Highland Park is the Palace Recreation Center or the Edgecumbe Recreation Center. If none of these rinks are close to you can refer to the website below to find yours:

Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt:

While most of us are eagerly awaiting 2017 for new years revolutions some are exited for 2017 for the annual Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt. The treasure hunt is a tradition for some people since 1952. The hunt is for a medallion that you can go search for all around Ramsey county starting on Sunday, January 22nd. The medallion, if found, is worth $10,000 and until found, there are clues in the Pioneer Press Newspaper everyday or on the  Twin Cities Website. The treasure hunt actually has its own hotline so when the hunt starts the hotline will let you know the current status of the hunt.

So have a fun winter and get out and do something!

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