HPSH Student Election 2016

On Tuesday, November 8th, we had our HPSH presidential election. 43 other Saint Paul Public Schools also participated in a mock election.

As students of HPSH, we were able to vote for more than just the presidential nominees. On the ballet, students voted for who they wanted to be President but also who they wanted to represent them as a U.S. Representative, State Representative, and State Senator along with a few other things including whether or not state politicians should set their own salaries.

All  students participated in the election. During students’ social studies classes, they were brought down to the library to sign in and fill out their ballets. The next day, during the afternoon announcements, they announced the school results. Hillary Clinton won the presidential election by 70%, Betty McCollum won as U.S. Representative, Dave Pinto won as State Representative and Richard Cohen won as State Senator. HPHS also voted no, they didn’t think state politicians should set their own salary.

Student elections in schools is a good way to get kids used to the voting process. It also helps them understand that voting is a privilege that we have as citizens of the United States. Next election, almost every Highland student, that is a Senior right now, will be able to officially vote.

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