Highland Park Senior High School Student & Staff Experience

Ever since freshman year, I have learned many things about Highland Park Senior High and have met lots of teachers who work hard to provide the right education for all students of the school.

Highland Park Senior High has grown into a bigger and broader place for students of different ethnicities and cultures to come and be a part of a student body where you meet new people and experience all sorts of new things.

There are many teachers in the school that have been around for quite some time, and all of them work with the students to help them in any way be successful and confident in school.

I talked to one teacher who has been at Highland Park Senior High for nearly a decade

Kathryn Menke:

I am a teacher here at HPSH – I currently teach Health but have also taught Human Geo, World History and Health Careers. I have been teaching at HPSH approximately 10 years. I appreciate the community here at HPSH.  I admire the dedication, commitment, hard work, and willingness by staff, students, families, and administration to work together to create a strong, successful, and supportive environment here at HPSH for all.”



Students of Highland Park Senior High are very polite and friendly when meeting others, and lots of people meet mostly through the various clubs and activities Highland Park has to offer to its students. One thing that people suggest when in high school is to get involved

, and meet new people. For me, I have done just that because I have met lots of teachers who I get along with very well outside of class, and friends who I met during my freshman and sophomore year. I’ve been getting involved with many new things since freshman year like archery club, and FFA, and Robotics, etc.

As a junior, I have experienced many things at Highland Park Senior High, and I still have a lot to do before senior year, but I am glad to have been involved in lots of clubs and activities throughout my time so far in high school.

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