A.C.C. plans for Hmong New Year

Every year, Highland Park Senior High’s after school club Asian Culture Club (A.C.C.) has a tradition of showcasing Hmong New Year. The club creates performances to inform the audience about what Hmong New Year is like, and gives views of what Hmong culture is like overall. The whole showcase is mostly run by students. This year, the club is taking a new turn on what they usually do.

The positions for Hmong New Year is the same as every other year: there will be diffeimg_6916rent emcees to inform what performance is up next, there will be a fashion show displaying different types of Hmong clothes that students own, there will be a song sung by a student in Hmong, and there will be a  traditional Hmong dance that will be performed by girls.

The new turn that A.C.C. is taking this year, is doing a play. Stepping out of their comfort zones, A.C.C. has decided to make a play informing the audience of why, and how, Hmong New Year is celebrated in a new and unique way.

A.C.C. has been preparing for Hmong New Year for a couple of months now. Groups are separated into doing their own thing for preparing. Dancers will go to dance practices and rehearsals. The decoration crew decorates the auditorium and makes flyers. The fashion show crew and tech crew have meetings to figure out how they will perform. Actors and actresses will figure out the script for the play. Each board member is in charged of each different group.

The showcase will be in the auditorium on November 17th, during 6th hour. If students want to watch the performance, they should inform their 6th hour teacher about the performance. Otherwise, anyone else is invited to go and support A.C.C. with their Hmong New Year showcase.

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