The Space Between Us review

We all love going to the movie theater to enjoy a good movie, some popcorn and spending time with people you like, even though you do have to be quiet during the movie. Evelyn, a couple of our friends, and I had the great opportunity of being able to see an advanced screening of The Space Between Us directed by Peter Chelsom.

This movie is about a boy named Gardener, who was born on Mars, who starts talking to a 16-year-old in Colorado named Tulsa. They have an online friendship until Gardner finally gets the chance to go to earth. While he is on his way to earth, he stops talking to Tulsa because there is no way to contact her. She thinks his story is crazy because she doesn’t believe he’s really from Mars.

Once they meet their connection only grows. While Gardener is having the time of his life on earth scientists discover that his organs can’t withstand the atmosphere and he has to go back to Mars. He and Tulsa are on the run from the scientists so he doesn’t have to go back.

While they are on the run from the scientists, they are also trying to find Gardener’s dad, because all he has of him is a picture, and his mom is dead.

“I really enjoyed the movie, it was romantic and cute. I also hated it because it made me cry!” said our friend Michael.

“I liked it because it showed how just because someone is completely different from you that doesn’t mean you just deny them.” said Manuel Perla.

Evelyn and I talked about our thoughts and we really enjoyed it. We both liked how you kinda knew what was going to happen, but it turned out to be something completely different, which was good. We both enjoyed the movie and we both cried.

Overall, we all really enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone! Make sure to check it out on December 16th 2016 when it’s out in all movie theaters.

Movie trailer:

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